Second Meeting


1-2pm on Wednesday 2 December 2015 (note change to time)

Room 5N.7.23

Roundtable Discussion with Dr Jak Peake and Dr Imen Cozzo

How does World Literature fit with other methodologies?   

For the second session of the World Literature reading group, we will be reading the following two articles, the first by Figueira, and the second by Graham, Niblett and Deckard. Those who wish to attend are encouraged to read the articles beforehand as preparation.

Dorothy Figueira, ‘Comparative Literature versus World Literature,’ Comparatist, 34.1: 29–36. Click here to read the text.

James Graham, Michael Niblett and Sharae Deckard, ‘Postcolonial studies and world literature,’ Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 48:5, 465-471. Click here to read the text.