The Arab Writing Back


Season of Migration to the North (Arabic: Mawsim al-Hiǧra ilā ash-Shamāl) is a classic post-colonial Sudanese novel by Tayeb Salih, originally published in Arabic in 1966. Many critics compare it to Othello, others to Conrad’s Heart of Darkness… What is important to our World Literature Reading group is the early Arab’s writing back, Sudan-English; and how it has paved the way for Kamal Daoud to rethink the Meursault story, in the dialogic French-Algerian interpretations of The Meursault Investigation.


MENA Literature (Middle Eastern and North African Literature)

women of algier djebarMENA_Regional_infoWorld Literature Reading Group
Wednesday 10 February 2016
2-3pm    Room 5B.114 
Spring Term Topic: MENA Literature 
Roundtable Discussion with Dr Peake and Dr Cozzo 
For the Spring Term sessions of the World Literature reading group, we will be dealing with the following topic: 
MENA Literature (Middle Eastern and North African Literature)
We will be reading the following an article and a text, the first by Conrey, and the second by Djebar. Those who wish to attend are encouraged to read the texts beforehand as preparation.
Carol Fadda-Conrey, ‘Middle Eastern Literature: An Introduction,’ Teaching World Literature, David Damrosch ed., 331. 
Assia Djebbar, Women of Algiers in their Apartment
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