Shift attention from negative to positive behaviour from classrooms to office and everyday life

“Shift attention from negative to positive behaviour” from classroom setting to every day life. In office, at home, we should practise these strategies to cope with difference.
Praticare lo spostamento attenzionale da focalizzarsi sul comportamento negativo a quello positivo in aula dovrebbe entrare nella nostra vita di tutti i giorni e nel ambito lavorativo e sociale. È quando non dobbiamo concentrarci sul comportamento “negativo”, secondo il nostro punto di vista, delle persone con cui dobbiamo lavorare o vivere in un luogo privato/pubblico, ma spostare la nostra attenzione su quello positivo e lavorare sul portare tutti sulla via creativa per far fronte nonché gestire e assistere la differenza.

We MUST Decolonise our Curriculum

Colonisation moved from an undeniable without to an embellished within, in Europe. The Other is indoors, set against “us” in taking our jobs, benefits… the way the Other is presented, given, silenced, erased, made part of the show is a historical act that we need to honestly face and teach. The learners need to be shown the atrocities committed towards the Other and the economic, physical, literary and psychological conditioning of the Different in order to have a full picture of society today. It is a must for our learners to know the truth, be prepared to embrace “diversity” and understand the circumstances that put the Other in his/her becoming. It is crucial in creating mutual understanding, because the Other knows and cannot forget the past atrocities and the present silence altogether.