A composer and a Psi

I spent all my life

Composing my aloofness

A self in solitude

Partly I am different

Partly they said I am different

I tried to be with them

I bored them

With an intense feeler

With a composed speaker

With my being seer

Ask a man in the desert

Or a mountain

Or an iceland,

A shepherd is a prophet,

A cave priest is a worshipper of the cave pictures,

A witch is a master of nature

Who speaks the sounds before languages

And treats plants with plants

And woes with plants,

So does the rider of the sea,

What they feel when meeting a human

They would feel you

Your look in the eyes,

Your deep voice,

Your fears and dare,

That self fused with woods

Mingled with the tiger, bear and elephant,

Expanded over wilderness,

Composed a self in solitude,

People for them are energies

One is word

One is a world

Deep and extended

A four D with the unknown soul

With mind

With alchemy.

So did I with my books of words

I went beyond a self

To the composed self

Dwelling in aloofness

A triumphant solitude.

No way Mr Psi,

Meeting bunches shakes me,

Mingling with masses dreads me,

I see beyond the scene

I have lifelong composed words

For miniatures

For a wink

For a link

For a drink.

The Psi gave no sign and cannot see

For normal people never had to be

Dear Psi I feel your agony.

Desert Solitude
Cave Guardian
A witch in the woods
Sea rider
Think me

2 thoughts on “A composer and a Psi

  1. Thank you for sharing my poem. This poem from my Modern Classics, treats the Wilderness inside the speaker and establishes parallel lines, eras and lives that meet in awkwardness when it comes to the overwhelming mass life. However, the poet glorifies solitude and aloofness as fundaments towards greatness, in verse, knowledge of nature or early science, as mapping and exploring as in prophets. Enjoy your reading/feeling/learning=poetry.

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