The Oak Tree and the Priest

O modern priest,

J. C and your Oak tree,

For a pilgrim, as a tourist,

Just once upon a life

Can approach and see

Your “venerated” marvellous tree,

Only the priest preaches a rock, a cave, a temple or a tree.

Your “Eden” anima your ancient giant,

Lodging its earthly image

Eight centuries ago

“On the edge of a wood”.

Terra mater,

Testimonium of man and history,

The mighty tree celebrates

A prior wood of her blood,

Stands there, a cornerstone,

Extending its branches into

Enough arms to its pilgrims,

A sublime for its beholder.

You fused into the ancient adorner

The tree of the trees

Behold it and surrender

Like a newborn to his lifegiver.

You crossed the desolate life

You found consolation

you found amusement

Unlike the others,

But in solitude, like a priest,

Fleeing the scorching crowd

You heard the solemn words of

Madre natura in her ritual

Telling of human tales

In a tree tongue,

Out of the multitude,

its betrayal, its despair,

A giant Oak tree and its lover,

Dwell in papers

Of veneration, supplication and surrender,

To the queen of the wood,

J. C. , looks with a revelation in his eyes,

his sacred tree lingering inside of him,

Renders the bewildering tongue

Of the tree, his ancestor,

Into what we can read and admire,

The tree is a true treasure,

for him who seeks refuge

From the crowded roads and the evil of the crowd.

In it is contentment,

It is life, voice,

Adagnitio and all you seek.

Be part of Me

Be part of the oak tree.

To James
Queen of the wood
Poet Tree
Be part of Thee/Be part of the tree (where a wiseman hid during the War ad infinitum)

A Quercus/Quercia where a wiseman hid during the War ad infinitum

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