No Glory in His Death

When one dies,

Nothing will get them back,

Their words are used




Their memory fades away with time,

Washes their ashes with rain,

Leaving a shallow pain,

Got forgotten

As soon as gone,

‘coz people cry for their own loss,

Not losing them,

Fear that same cold place,

That cold corpse,

That cold place,

Fear the unknown,

Shutting their sight

In a long cold night.

Born to die,

Though slowly,

Tear by tear,

Drop by drop,

Tear by tear,

That is your lone fear,

Too stifling silence to bear.

But he who made that void,

Lived for vanity,

Lived shamelessly


Sought eternity

Betrayed paternity.

I sought your hand on my head,

I saw you in every dad,

I forced you in all men,

I loved you in them now and then,

I was the easy to offend,

The Fatherless one,

The worthless child,

Never enough by myself,

Until one day,

I opened my mental door

And cast you for good away.

But then, he made his silent exit,

More useless

A futile exit, without words,

From both sides.

I want to shout:

Creep with no dignity

You were dead in life,

Today double-dead.

The Fatherless One
No one could fill that void
Fatherless Featherless

3 thoughts on “No Glory in His Death

  1. Great poem. Sad but true. It’s scary to lose your loved ones.
    Both of my parents are still with us. Miss them, especially my Dad who we cannot visit.

    FaceTime is better than nothing, but not great since he doesn’t hear well.

    Glad you have your beautiful poetry to help you grieve.


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